"K-POP ARTIST TRAINING COURSE provide training program that current K-POP artists and trainees of internal major entertainments actually trained. This COURSE include vocal, dance class and audition and you will have opportunity to perform at Show-case concert as soon as you get program certificate. We give you a big opportunity to be a next Global Star by participating at the audition that FNC Entertainment and internal major entertainment host as well!"

Progress (1 months)

Training Program

- Vocal

Basic skill of breathing from the diaphragm and vocalization method training song training for audition, Show-case Concert & final audition preparation

- Dance

Basic movement master Completion of choreography copy and creation choreography Show-case Concert & final audition preparation

- K-POP Korean Language

Korean grammar, vocabulary and conversation class

- Special lesson [Vocal Recording]

Record and inspect progress status with professional director at the real recording studio where K-POP artist actually record their albums. Recorded music will be provided.

- Stage Performance

Direct stage and train stage manner.

- Audition Lesson

Team leaders of rookie development teams of current top major entertainment will open this lesson. They will notice you the TIP that you must not missing at the audition and what kind of people who they seeking for. Every information and TIP will be provided and trained.

- Profile Camera-Shooting

Professional photographer will gives you every knowhow of concepts, poses and angles to show its your talent. Photograph shooting portfolio will be provided.

- Individual Camera Test

Camera test and reaction at audition.

Show-case Concert

As you earn certifice, Show-case Concert with magnificent spectacle will be opened at the real music theater. This concert will be directed and participated by FNC Trainers and yourself as well.


As every program certificated, with FNC's powerful NETWORK SYSTEM, FNC Entertainment and internal major entertainment will open together the CLOSED AUDITION.

Audition Feedback

Notify the audition result by notice the estimation to each by trainer and audition partaker its pros and cons, improvement direction and present level in details.

Audition Network